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Run, Jump, Skip, Play...

Our pieces are made from remnant, secondhand, vintage & antique materials that have lived and been loved. With each wear, their story only gets richer.


We value these

& we hope you do too ... :)

In Western Australia

We source, sew, create, photograph, and sell everything from Western Australia. Each piece is made slowly, with lots of consideration and care. We love being part of the community and collaborating and supporting crafts(wo)manship.

One of a kind

Always in style

Each Fri & Fro piece is 1/1 – Meaning, you will never find yourself sprung wearing the same thing as anyone else. The core of our range is denim - because it is sturdy, abundantly available at op shops, and timeless.


"One man's trash..."

There are so many materials, fabrics, and clothes being produced and discarded - it's mind-boggling. We source second-hand pieces and transform them using thrifted, vintage, and antique textiles. This allows us to add value to "fast fashion" pieces that may have ended up in landfills, to dust off vintage beauties so they can be enjoyed by contemporary audiences, and to create "new" products that have the teeniest tiniest environmental footprint possible.

Come one, come all

We love having you here

We ravamp thrifted & second-hand clothing - meaning we have to search tirelessly to ensure there is a broad range of sizes and styles available. A lot of sizing is gendered, confusing, and vague - that's why we give you the measurements of each product. So you can wear your piece how YOU want: tight, baggy, short, long - it's up to you.

Mum & daughter

Aka: Jeni & Freya

We love nothing more than spending hours rifling through a country town op shop. Freya brings the kitsch and creativity and Jeni brings the eye for quality and encyclopedic knowledge of vintage. Fri & Fro is a combination of our styles, talents, and decades of collecting.

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